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almost 8 years ago

Share your Android & iOS builds!

Hello Hackers!

With just a few hours until the submission deadline, we know that many of you are feverishly working on getting your solutions in.

Don’t forget that you are required to provide us access to your solution for testing. Here’s a breakdown on how to do that based on what type of solution you’re submitting.

For those of you sending out iOS beta distribution files, there are a few options for sharing your solution with us. Please note that some are faster than others!


Send us your beta file quickly via Diawi. After uploading your file, Diawi creates a unique short URL to access the installation page (for ex: aBcDeF). When opened in Safari on the iOS device, the page will display a link to install the application.  Add the testing link to your submission form under “iOS Build Link”.

Please note that you will need to include provisioning for one or more of the UDIDs below.


Send a testing link to: and add the testing link to your submission form under “iOS Build Link”.

Please note that HockeyApp allows you to send test builds quickly, but there is a fee to use this service.

Beta by Crashalytics

Send us a beta test via Crashalytics. Use our testing email ( and UDIDs to provision a build and send us a link via the “Share Links” button. Make sure to also add the testing link to your submission form under “iOS Build Link”.  Beta by Crashalytics is free! Here’s a quick how-to for their Beta Distribution tool.

Pro tip: Make sure you add the UDIDs to your build to speed up the process. There’s no review, but all builds still need to be received in full before the submission deadline.

Our UDIDs are:

  • iPad (iOS 6.0.1) 6a2cb1d4ba2d242db1db48c59c91744cebfc68a9
  • iPod Touch 4th Gen (iOS 5.0.1)13d9c9e50d705446c07fc5d2c3c3144c69ffc576
  • iPhone 5 (iOS 8.3) 4c4270daadcf6f2dcd38ef407c38c01c3fa849b8
  • iPhone 5 (iOS 8.3) c94acc0069278cee4b38e4d27ae3f838bf50aa79
  • iPhone 6 (iOS 8.3) ac3c04f10b03e033bc31a0d14146d5740bc7db54

TestFlight / iTunes Connect

Share a build with us using our email address, Please note that if you add us as an “External Tester,” your app will need to go through Beta App Review before you can send the build. Builds must be received by the submission deadline to be eligible - so plan for extra time!

Not sure how to use TestFlight via iTunes Connect? Check out the iTunes Connect Developer Guide and the TestFlight Video Tutorial.

Good luck!

The Connect Ability Team