Building for Accessibility

There are a few principles to think about when designing products for the widest use. Check out our Building for Accessibility Guide to make sure you have them in mind as you’re planning your solution.


Did you miss the 4/18-19 NYU Ability Hackathon?

Not to worry, check out some of the presentations below.

APIs, Data, and Reference Material

Although no specific API or data integration is required, participants will need to explain how their solution “solves”a problem for people with disabilities, based on the five submission category requirements.  Here are a few APIs, datasets, and studies you might find useful.

ADA / Disabilities Government websites


Developer-specific Accessibility Guidelines


Standards and Research Papers
  • Universal design 
  • RESNA and ANSI/ISO standards for development of Assistive Technology 
  • RESNA Research Guidelines  
  • MJ Fuhrer, JW Jutai, MJ Scherer, and F DeRuyter. (2003).A framework for the conceptual modelling of assistive technology device outcomes. Disability and Rehabilitation, Vol. 25, No. 22 , Pages 1243-1251 (doi:10.1080/09638280310001596207)
  • David McNaughton, and Janice Light. (2013). The iPad and Mobile Technology Revolution: Benefits and Challenges for Individuals who require Augmentative and Alternative Communication. Augmentative and Alternative Communication, Vol. 29, No. 2 , Pages 107-116 (doi:10.3109/07434618.2013.784930)



Mobile computer vision / Graphics:

Speech / voice recognition: