•   almost 8 years ago

Challenge: Developmentally appropriate AND age appropriate

I'm not an engineer, software guru, designer or anything like that. I'm a parent of an adult son with autism. What I would love to see through the Connect Ability Challenge is a computer game that can be played on a tablet, computer and/or TV via an Internet connection that is easy to play (with preschool-level or kindergarten-level skills and abilities), but has more of a grown up theme with grown up characters rather than Barney or other characters that are typically found on computer games for young children and more upbeat music that a teenager would listen to. Currently I cannot locate any type of computer game that my son can play without having to default back to children's games. There are so many adults with autism (and other learning disorders) that cannot manipulate or understand the strategies in more traditional "grown up" software games that I think this type of game/software would be appreciated by them. (It would also give us parents the chance to purchase meaningful presents for birthdays, other holidays/special events or just for the fun of it. Clothing and gift cards to fast food restaurants get old.) The "play" area in software/computer for adults with autism is quite lacking.

My hope is that someone is interested in entering the competition, and will take this up this challenge to develop something great.

Thank you for considering my request.


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