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Questions for Jason DaSilva

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    Hello Jason, I would like to know if you are able to use oculus rift ( a vr headset) ? can you use it easily i mean like moving your head around in your condition is it possible with comfort ? please let me know. if possible have a little private chat.

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    Hi Navjot Singh,

    Thanks for your question! I've sent it along to Jason, but in the mean time - have you signed up for a feedback/collaboration session yet? We're holding feedback sessions with the exemplars and this would be the best way to get feedback on your solution.

    You can sign up here:


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    *Posted on behalf of Jason*

    Yes, this would work out great.

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    Hi Jason,

    We watched your video and we believe we have a truly hands free solution to meet many of your needs. Our product is called iPal. iPal is a wearable computer, in the form of a fashionable yet minimal pair of glasses, that allows you to control your mobile devices and internet of things using eye gestures.

    iPal has 4 cameras embedded into the frame, 2 small ones that track your eyes and 2 scene capturing cameras that can take photos and videos of exactly what your eyes see without lifting a finger. iPal has a microphone and speaker and you can use it to answer a call or place a call. iPal is powered through a separate control module that houses the battery, memory, processor and Bluetooth and WiFi. This allows us to make the eyewear thin and lightweight. The control module connects to the glasses via wires. The control module also communicates wirelessly with your smartphone.

    We currently have a lab prototype. With this prototype, we can issue many commands with simple eye gestures, take pictures and record video. You can learn more about iPal at (our Indiegogo campaign page) and at

    To better understand your needs and focus our efforts, we would like you to prioritize your needs or maybe give us a list of minimum and novel requirements or things that you would like to do. Our first thought was iPal could allow you to control your mouse on your computer or give you the ability to control your wheelchair with eye gestures. What else would you like?

    Your feedback is greatly appreciated.

    Trey Belmore
    iPal Team

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    (Posted on Jason's behalf)

    This is great, I need it to be Mac based, because the most of the work I do is on Apple computer. The controller for my wheelchair would be a priority, I'm really excited to see what you would come up with.

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