Safe at Home

Safe at Home, a customizable solution to prevent unwanted wandering for people with autism or dementia.

We propose to leverage existing technology like that found in Fitbit Charge HR and Quirky Spotters to alert guardians when users are about to elope. With our solution families can install spotters at exits or other dangerous places like stairs. When the user attempts to exit, an alarm is communicate to the guardian’s via our app on their mobile device.

On June 6th we presented our solution to the Connect Ability Challenge exemplars. In addition, we obtained feedback from parents of children with autism along the way. We are grateful for the numerous suggestions from these potential users. Planned changes from these helpful partners include ensuring that we design for device neutrality, creating wearable options like child-friendly colors, devices that are inconspicuous like a necklace or decoration on a hat or built into a watch. And last, ensuring that contact information is easily seen on the wearable device so if a person does elope, police can easily locate guardians.

We thank NYU and AT&T and the exemplars for the opportunity to present our solution to you. We know this solution will do as you asked, “help millions.” Safe at Home will enable millions of cognitively disabled people live safely in their homes and enjoy an improved quality of life while eliminating the many dangers from unwanted elopement, including death.

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